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Festival T-Shirt Design Winner


Congratulations to Rohan for winning the t-shirt design contest for the Free the Spirit Festival!

Rohan drew on his own experience as a volunteer for St.Amant to design this piece. In his own words:

“The two hands are representative of care, nurturing, and support, with one hand symbolizing the paid staff (nurses, support workers, recreation instructors, etc.), and the other representing the unpaid volunteers. Both work “hand-in-hand” to ensure that those we support are looked after in the best possible manner.

The four branches, one for each of the core values of St.Amant (Collaboration, Hospitality, Excellence, Respect)​, are symbolic of the staff and volunteers’ strong and resilient connection to the stars scattered among them, which themselves are representative of the shining souls and spirits of the individuals that we support at St.Amant.”