Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Rewards July 2023

Steps to Fundraising Success 

Free the Spirit Festival - Sat, Sept 23 - 440 River Road - 10am to 2pm free admission
Print the Festival poster and share with friends and family!

• SET A GOAL: Challenge yourself! Determine a reasonable goal and start there, but don’t forget to increase it when your goal is met. Donors tend to give more when they know your sights are high.

• TELL YOUR STORY: Share the reasons why you are doing this walk/run in support of St.Amant. Requests and participant pages that include personal stories often have the best fundraising results.

• KICK THINGS OFF: Be the first person to donate to your page. Seeing your name and donation, potential donors will appreciate your commitment and follow suit.

• START NOW: There is no time like the present!

• FUNDRAISE ONLINE: Set up your fundraising page, personalize your message and photo and send the link in your emails or through social media. For instructions on how to set up your page, see below.

• ASK, ASK, ASK: The #1 reason people do not give is that they were not asked. After you ask once, send a friendly reminder to anyone who hasn’t responded. This gentle reminder will go a long way, and you are doing this for an important cause.

• SEND A WORD OF THANKS: It is very important to personally thank your supporters.

Here is how you can raise $500!

Step 1: Support yourself with a $50 donation.

Step 2: Ask four family members to support you at $25 each ($100).

Step 3: Ask your employer for a company contribution ($50).

Step 4: Ask five co-workers for a donation of $20 ($100).

Step 5: Ask for support on social media ($100).

Step 6: Send an email to everyone in your address book ($100).