Your fundraising efforts will help improve the quality of life for adults and children with developmental disabilities and autism.

With your support, we can help 1,600 people reach milestones and explore independence, we can help them reach their goals through recreation and leisure activities, and we can help them do the things they LOVE like trips, attending sporting events, going to the movies or the spa and more!

So, how can you help achieve that?

  • People only give if they’re aware of the cause. Ask in-person, through email, over the phone, text message or on social media.
  • Share your pledge page link on your Facebook or Twitter page, announcing your goal and why you’re raising money. What make St.Amant so special in your eyes or is there someone you know benefiting from services from St.Amant? Briefly summarize what’s motivating you to raise money.
  • The sooner you start fundraising, the better. Follow up with every person you’ve asked and remember to thank those that have made a donation. After the event is over, share your personal success
  • Not everyone pledges online, we have paper pledge forms if your donors prefer to donate that way.

Download Paper Pledge Form

Help us spread the word by using your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account! Check out our social media kit for instructions.

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