Jenna’s Story

In summer Jenna Fyfe loves to sign the word “walking” because she knows when September rolls around it’s time for the annual Free the Spirit Festival Walk.

 “If you tell her three months ahead of time, she’ll ask you about it every day,” said Jenna’s mom Bev. “She loves the festival.”

Jenna’s been walking in the festival for more than 20 years –when it was the Family Fun Day, then Miles for Smiles, Wings of Hope Walk and now the Free the Spirit Festival.

At first they joined because it was an event that Jenna could participate in, but now they come back every year because she loves to see friends who are also supported by St.Amant; she enjoys the barbeque and the music in the garden, and wants to be part of the excitement that comes with a big community event like the festival.

“It’s a social event for her,” said Jenna’s dad Doug. “And it’s not just us, but her brother and his wife and mother-in-law and her support staff. They all walk with us.”

Doug and Bev have been raising pledges and donations from family and friends almost as long as they’ve been walking in the festival. It’s because they’ve seen the difference it’s made in Jenna’s life – she’s more active in her community life and participates in events whenever she can.

“Jenna has spent time at the Spirit Cottage, Albert Beach and there’s the St.Amant Leisure Guide where she’s done cooking activities, Zumba, and she goes to the FM Café…those are all things that she really enjoys and they wouldn’t be there without funding,” said Bev.

Doug said, “We raise money for St.Amant because we see how [much] it takes to organize the services offered…and all of those things need funding, but also the event brings the community together.”

Join Jenna, Doug and Bev in this year’s walk by registering today! Or make a donation by pledging the Fyfe Family to keep Jenna’s favourite things going – the Spirit Cottage, Albert Beach Cottage, Leisure Guide, and FM Café are all funded by the St.Amant Foundation.

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