Your Impact

Each September, families, friends, staff, volunteers and our community at large come together to generously support this signature event in support of St.Amant Foundation.

However you choose to MOVE (run, walk, dance, roll…), your participation in the Free the Spirit Festival will advance the quality of life of people with developmental disabilities and autism supported by St.Amant so they can reach their full potential and live their best lives!

The funds you raise will provide:

Recreation and Leisure
Connection and inclusion is everything! Your support will help to nurture physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing by ensuring everyone has an opportunity to learn new skills, participate in sporting events, cultural activities and a variety of community events and be included in activities they love.



Personal Items & Equipment
Wheelchairs, bikes, glasses, dental work, orthotics…the list of personal items and equipment used by people with disabilities is long and costly. Your support will help to level the playing field and ensure that everyone has the equipment and items they need to live their best life.





Education & Technology Tools and Devices
As technology advances, the progress can be life changing for people with disabilities. Your support will help provide the tools needed to enable people to communicate, learn and have more independence.